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QRCode for WordPress Posts

If you are looking to add a qrcode so someone can scan and continue on mobile this is the plugin for you.


This is a video of how easy it is to setup and use.

3D Printing 1

3D Printing Gallery 1
Some of the first items I have printed. Still making a lot of mistakes but having fun.

Remington Ranch Vendor Fair

Bring the family and buy some gifts for your family and friends.

This event is:   September 23, 2017
Map with directions at the bottom. Thanks

Vendor Fair
Vendor Fair

Laser Engraved Coasters

Laser Engraved Coasters

I had a new customer ask about laser engraving.  They wanted to get some wood slab pieces laser engraved. So this is the pieces I did as a test run for them.  I hope they like them.

As always these are created on my 50 watt laser engraver.  In my garage and can have a sealer put on if so wanted.

If so I will post back and let everyone know where to go to order these. Thanks for reading.

laser engraved coasters
laser engraved coasters

Arduino Uno World Map (Re-upload)

I just wanted to re-upload this to youtube since it wasn’t there before. I’m hoping to do more videos on youtube and posting here more often. So check back. Thanks

Some of the items I used to make this is addressable led lights and an arduino uno.  All these items were sourced from Amazon.

Laser Engraved Hammers

This is a new item I’m working on. Let me know what you think. Also what you would add.  These are $20 plus shipping.  Contact me and order yours today. Thanks

If you would like to order your own. Contact me here.


Gameboy Zero

     Gameboy Zero

This is a gameboy zero I made with a Raspberry pi and retropie.  This took me a while to finish and still is not 100%.   But for now I’m happy to show it off now. Not planning on selling these.  This was just a project for me to get back into electronics.

Parts List:
Raspberry pi Zero                                                                                            Potentiometer
Teensy LC
 Gameboy Cartridge
Audio Jack
 USB     Cartridge                                                                         
Tactile Switches 

On Off Switch                                                                                         
Power Circuit Board   

Controller Board  

Yoyo Turned on Lathe

A new product I’m working on. This is the first one and I’m so excited on how it turned out. Thanks for looking.

Vintage Warehouse of Spartanburg, SC Spring Market

I have another show lined up. This show is on March 18, 2017 9am -6pm. Come on out and get some great items from some great people.

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Weekend Accomplishments

These are this weekends accomplishments. They are 50 cal bullet pens, 308 bullet pen. Thanks for looking.

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