Xbox Eeprom Reader Writer

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IMPORTANT: This reader/writer can only be used on the EEPROM and not the BIOS. You can not modify your console to play copied games using this reader/writer, whether you use the included software or any other software on the market. This reader/writer is only useful if you have an error as described below as it will restore your console to the state it was in when it left the factory. If you broke your console "flashing" it or modifying the BIOS in any other way then this reader/writer will not work for you.

This auction is for one Xbox EEPROM Reader/Writer.

Click here to request the guides in PDF format.

It is used for reading and writing the contents of the EEPROM on all versions of the original Xbox console (v1.0 – v1.6, both PAL and NTSC). The reader will not work on the Xbox 360. You will need a PC or laptop with a 9-pin serial port.

Why do I need the contents of the EEPROM?

If your console displays an error message on start-up, or you want to rebuild or replace your hard disk drive, you will need the contents of the EEPROM to unlock and lock your hard drive. On the original Xbox, the hard drive and the motherboard are paired to work together and the EEPROM holds the key to this. So if either the hard drive or the motherboard needs to be replaced or the EEPROM gets corrupted, you can use this reader to resolve the problem. You can use virtually any IDE drive to replace your existing hard drive so if you have an old drive lying around gathering dust, give it (and your Xbox) a new lease on life.

How do I use the reader?

With the guides provided, anybody can use the reader. No soldering is required. Simply remove the cover from the console and lift the hard drive and DVD-Rom out to get access to the motherboard. Then connect the three colored probes to the motherboard, apply power and read the EEPROM using the software provided.

What’s included?

One hardware reader/writer.
One CD containing the guides (in PDF format).
Serial device programmer software (Download it free if you can't wait for my CD:
Here is a list of error messages that can typically be fixed by replacing or rebuilding the hard drive:
2 - bootldr - EEPROM check failed
5 - kernel - HDD not locked
6 - kernel - Cannot unlock HDD
7 - kernel - HDD timeout
8 - kernel - No HDD found
9 - kernel - HDD parameters
13 - kernel - Dashboard launch fail
14 - dashboard - Error loading dashboard
16 - dashboard - Clock cannot be set
20 - kernel - The dashboard was attempted to load and failed
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