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Laser Upgrades


Laser Tube Upgrades

I recently burned out the tube in my laser. So since I had to do a new tube I went ahead and added some goodies to this that I should have done a long time ago. So here is some of the pictures of that. I added a MA gauge, a digital water temp, new tube, and a cross led to better tell where to start my run.  I still have to realign my mirrors and work out some of the bugs that comes along with this work.

Laser Engraver I use.
water temp



Crawford’s Creation Video Look Book

Thanks for watching.

Laser Cut Key Ring

I’m just playing with the new laser cutter. Thought a key ring would be a good next item to make. Gotta show off the logo. Have any ideas of items I should try? Let me know. Thanks


Laser Cutter First Try

I bought a laser cutter sometime around the first week of October 2015. It was delivered the day I went into the hospital for an appendicitis. How lucky was that to happen that one day. I waited 3 weeks before I started to play with it. But the first item I cut was a sign for a store I sell at. This is the result.