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Laser Engraved Coasters

Laser Engraved Coasters

I had a new customer ask about laser engraving.  They wanted to get some wood slab pieces laser engraved. So this is the pieces I did as a test run for them.  I hope they like them.

As always these are created on my 50 watt laser engraver.  In my garage and can have a sealer put on if so wanted.

If so I will post back and let everyone know where to go to order these. Thanks for reading.

laser engraved coasters
laser engraved coasters

Laser Engraved Hammers

This is a new item I’m working on. Let me know what you think. Also what you would add.  These are $20 plus shipping.  Contact me and order yours today. Thanks

If you would like to order your own. Contact me here.


I Love You With Sound Wave

Created a new design today that I’m rather proud of. This is a sound wave of me saying I Love You and written under it. Thanks for looking.