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Laser Engraved Coasters

Laser Engraved Coasters

I had a new customer ask about laser engraving.  They wanted to get some wood slab pieces laser engraved. So this is the pieces I did as a test run for them.  I hope they like them.

As always these are created on my 50 watt laser engraver.  In my garage and can have a sealer put on if so wanted.

If so I will post back and let everyone know where to go to order these. Thanks for reading.

laser engraved coasters
laser engraved coasters

Laser Engraved Hammers

This is a new item I’m working on. Let me know what you think. Also what you would add.  These are $20 plus shipping.  Contact me and order yours today. Thanks

If you would like to order your own. Contact me here.


I Love You With Sound Wave

Created a new design today that I’m rather proud of. This is a sound wave of me saying I Love You and written under it. Thanks for looking.

Laser Upgrades


Laser Tube Upgrades

I recently burned out the tube in my laser. So since I had to do a new tube I went ahead and added some goodies to this that I should have done a long time ago. So here is some of the pictures of that. I added a MA gauge, a digital water temp, new tube, and a cross led to better tell where to start my run.  I still have to realign my mirrors and work out some of the bugs that comes along with this work.

Laser Engraver I use.
water temp



Farm Fresh 2016 Test Run

Setting up the canopy, and items for Farm Fresh 2016. Test run to see if everything will fit for the show. Very tight but will be getting 2 more tables for the display. Hope everyone comes out to see me Sept. 17-18 at Farm Fresh 2016.

Farm Fresh Fair At Rabon Creek
125 Philips Lane, Fountain Inn, South Carolina, 29644

Crawford’s Creation Video Look Book

Thanks for watching.